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9 useful Podcast episodes for out-of-work Freelancers

Expert advice for anyone struggling.

Surviving as a freelancer is challenging enough at the best of times, let alone during a pandemic. For many of us who’ve lost work and clients, the focus right now is on pivoting and finding new ways to earn money, but that’s by no means easy. And being stuck at home makes things even harder, both practically and emotionally.

9 useful Podcast episodes for out-of-work Freelancers - Learn Free Skills
9 useful Podcast episodes for out-of-work Freelancers – Learn Free Skills

Freelance Party Broadcast

Host Ed Goodman delves at how freelancers may use lockdown times to boost their companies in the Freelance Party Broadcast. For freelancers looking to maximize their time during lockdowns, this podcast episode is a great resource because to its enlightening interviews, practical suggestions, and effective methods. Freelancers may utilize lockdowns to their advantage in many ways, as Goodman explains. These include enhancing company procedures and abilities, building networks, and discovering new possibilities. Whether you’re an experienced freelancer or just getting your feet wet, you’ll find something useful in this episode that will help you weather storms and come out on top.

The Tim Ferriss Show

Author, entrepreneur, and productivity guru Tim Ferriss hosts the critically popular podcast “The Tim Ferriss Show.” Ferriss dives into the habits, techniques, and insights of successful people in each episode, including thought leaders, industry experts, and world-class performers. Many different subjects are discussed in the podcast, such as productivity, creativity, health & wellbeing, entrepreneurship, and personal growth. “The Tim Ferriss Show” has grown in popularity as a platform for inspirational stories, useful information, and goal-oriented conversation among those in search of a better life and more practical means of attaining those ends. This podcast features the knowledge and experiences of some of the world’s most successful people, and it is a great resource for anybody seeking to improve their life, whether they are aspiring entrepreneurs, freelancers, or just average people.

Being Boss

The podcast “Being Boss” is hosted by two thriving entrepreneurs and business mentors, Kathleen Shannon and Emily Thompson. As they face the difficulties of being their own boss, creative entrepreneurs and freelancers share their stories on this podcast in the hopes of inspiring and guiding listeners. “Being Boss” offers genuine advice on how to develop a successful business while also fostering in its readers an appreciation for creativity, self-improvement, and authenticity in all aspects of life. Thompson and Shannon build a community of supportive listeners by connecting them via frank talks with guests and solo episodes. They share their experiences and lessons acquired on the journey to business, helping listeners connect, learn, and develop together. No matter where you are in your entrepreneurial path, “Being Boss” will provide you with the wisdom and inspiration you need to succeed.

Press This

The hosts of the “Press This” podcast are all active participants in the WordPress community. Listeners may expect to hear the latest happenings around WordPress, the most widely used CMS on the planet, as well as helpful hints, tips, and developments in the field. WordPress, design, marketing, security, and community events are just a few of the many subjects covered in the show. As well as interviews with well-known WordPress users, listeners may anticipate news on platform changes and new features. If you’re a WordPress developer, designer, blogger, or company owner, “Press This” is a great resource for learning about the platform’s history, current features, and future plans.

Creative Elements

The podcast “Creative Elements” is presented by the multi-talented Jay Clouse. Entrepreneurs, designers, writers, filmmakers, and others in the creative industries share their experiences, techniques, and thoughts on the show. Successful creatives’ thought processes, professional histories, and life lessons are explored in-depth in each episode’s interviews. “Creative Elements” provides insightful advice and motivation for creatives at all stages of their careers, from starting a business to overcoming creative blockages and dealing with the pressures of the creative sector. If you’re an entrepreneur, artist, or freelancer aiming to develop your skills and establish a successful creative career, this podcast offers insightful opinions and practical tips to help you thrive in the dynamic field of creativity.


Brian Clark, CEO of Unemployable and creator of Copyblogger, hosts a podcast called “Unemployable.” This podcast is devoted to the experiences, perspectives, and methods of prosperous business owners who have opted to work for themselves rather than for someone else. Entrepreneurs, freelancers, and company owners who have achieved success on their own terms share their experiences, wisdom, and lessons learnt in each episode. For those who work as freelancers, solopreneurs, or want to be entrepreneurs, “Unemployable” covers a lot of ground, including branding, marketing, productivity, and personal development. If you want to know what it’s like to be your own boss, what obstacles you could face, and how to overcome them, listen up! You might even find some motivation to follow your entrepreneurial goals. “Unemployable” provides insightful analysis and actionable advice for anybody thinking about going into business for themselves or hoping to expand their current endeavor.

The Accidental Creative

Author, lecturer, and consultant Todd Henry focuses on creativity, productivity, and leadership; he hosts the podcast “The Accidental Creative” on his website. If you or your team are looking to reach your full creative and professional potential, this podcast is for you. Henry delves into subjects including ideation, energy management, overcoming creative barriers, and cultivating a creative mentality through thought-provoking conversations, interviews with professionals in the field, and practical guidance. In order to assist its listeners efficiently harness their creativity and accomplish their goals, the podcast strives to offer practical techniques and motivation. If you’re an entrepreneur, designer, writer, or just someone who wants to be more creative, “The Accidental Creative” will provide you some great pointers and advice.

The Freelance Hustle

If you’re a freelancer looking for encouragement, insight, and practical advice, then you need to listen to “The Freelance Hustle” podcast. Experts and seasoned freelancers host each episode, which covers a different facet of freelancing such as client acquisition, fee setting, financial management, branding and marketing, productivity, and self-improvement. “The Freelance Hustle” provides practical guidance and insightful commentary to freelancers through real-life stories, interviews, and open discussions. This podcast gives you the inspiration and tools you need to thrive as a freelancer, whether you’re just starting out or trying to take your career to the next level.

Freelance Friday

“Freelance Friday” is a podcast hosted by Latasha James, a digital marketer and freelance business coach. The podcast is dedicated to providing guidance, support, and practical advice for freelancers and solopreneurs looking to build successful and sustainable businesses. Each episode covers a wide range of topics relevant to freelancers, including finding clients, setting rates, marketing and branding, productivity, self-care, and personal development. Through solo episodes, interviews with industry experts, and Q&A sessions, Latasha shares her own experiences, insights, and strategies to help listeners navigate the challenges and opportunities of freelance life. Whether you’re a seasoned freelancer or just starting out on your entrepreneurial journey, “Freelance Friday” offers valuable insights and inspiration to help you thrive in your freelance career.

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