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Odd new McDonald's restaurant logo reviewed by an expert Graphic Design

Odd new McDonald’s restaurant logo reviewed by an expert Graphic Design

When McDonald’s revealed back in July that it was launching a spin-off restaurant based on a character that appeared in its adverts in the ’80s, people were understandably baffled. Images of the new establishment, named CosMc’s (nope, we’re not sure how to pronounce it either) suggest we’re in for a blast from the past, with the Starbucks rival (CosMc’s specializes in hot and cold drinks) taking on a somewhat spacey theme.

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10 graphic design trends coming your way in 2024 - Learn Free Skills

10 Graphic Design trends coming your way in 2024

From hand-drawn and cartoon-style elements to imaginative applications of artificial intelligence, the year ahead is likely to see wildly varied and constantly evolving trends across graphic design.

With tech advancing at warp speed; the climate crisis and global turmoil leaving the future feeling uncertain; and concerns in creativity ranging from uniformity and mimicry to economic challenges, great design will need to be innovative, evocative and bold, with clear signs of a human touch.

Here, in no particular order, designers, creative directors and other industry experts offer insights and identify key trends for 2024. For more on trends to come, see our illustration trends roundup.

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How AI is changing Graphic Design industry

How AI is Changing the Graphic Design Industry

Artificial intelligence is affecting all areas of design and creativity, with some people and disciplines seeing more changes than others. To find out how AI is changing graphic design, we spoke to creatives at four different design agencies.

We asked them a few questions – prompts if you like – and they came back with some rather thoughtful reflections on what AI means to them, their studios, and to the industry as a whole.

For more on AI and how it can help your creative process, see the best AI for graphic design and 7 ways creatives are using AI.

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