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10 Best Student Entrepreneurship Ideas in Low Investment

Student Entrepreneurship Ideas

Ideas are highly valuable for students in the modern era. In the presence of artificial intelligence, our world is changing every second towards automation. Due to decreased job opportunities in several fields, students are more flexible toward entrepreneurship. There was a time when people thought that starting or doing business was not for students. But nowadays entrepreneurship among students and teenagers has been booming for the last half-decade. In this article, you explore the 10 best student entrepreneurship ideas that help you achieve your goals in life.

Many small-age boys and girls are running their small businesses and earning double or triple the money of an average salaried person. Owning a small business is far better than doing a job for someone else. Be a boss of your life. Let you handle your life direction. Students who are in college or high school have more creative ideas than anyone else. Student needs to take action on their idea and start their own small business whether it is related to services business or retail business. Entrepreneurship is the soul of new businesses.

Categories of Student Entrepreneurship Ideas

There are majorly two major categories of entrepreneurship ideas that struck in minds of students. The first one is finding a problem and then coming up with a solution to it. The second one is making improvements in previous businesses. Some also highlight another type for students in entrepreneurship. This type belongs to the entertainment industry. In which students make content for their viewers on digital platforms.

10 Major Business Ideas for Students

People think that entrepreneurship is a difficult task for students. But here we are going to introduce to world’s best entrepreneurship ideas for students through which you can earn a good amount of money daily. You can choose any idea from this list according to your liking and start digging into it. As a student, you will earn a handsome amount for yourself and your family.

1. Using Social Media Apps

 If you are big on social media like Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, or TikTok you can easily make money by running ads on your account and also you can get free stuff from these companies. Influencers are making big money through these platforms. You just need a good reach to do this type of business. Are you seeing those people who were nothing in previous years and suddenly they are buying cars, houses etc? They just used their cell phones to achieve this and you also do that. Let the world pay you for your expenses.

2. Start with your product

Like social media influencers, you can also start your product lineup by just doing a little market research. Consider the demand and supply rule for this idea. You can buy a low-cost product and sell it with a good profit in a low-supply market. You can promote these products through your social media accounts and earn a good amount of profit on it.

You can learn from the business of Prime (a sports drink brand). How they use their social media handles to promote their drinks and start doing a great business. Prime is an excellent example of Entrepreneurship.

3. Make a Website

Starting a profitable website is not a big hustle. Make a website through different platforms and start writing about those topics in which you are interested. You can run ads on your website after getting a good reach. You can promote your website on other social media platforms. A website is an approach for an entrepreneur to run his business and get global clients. Make a website and start selling your specialty.

4. Sell notes and books

Selling used books and problem-solving notes can be a good entrepreneurship idea. You can buy used books from your seniors or classmates and sell them to your juniors at comparatively lower prices than new ones. You can also do business by using topper’s notes. For example, every average student borrows notes from their class toppers, you can make your own and sell them to other students.

5. Sell Clothes and Jewellery

Selling clothes and silver jewelry can be a better entrepreneurship idea than others. Everyday clothes and jewelry market is booming. Everyone loves to wear them in our society. You can get affordable clothes from wholesalers and sell them online at higher value to others. You can use different platforms like Amazon, Shopify, etc for this.

6. Dropshipping

Dropshipping is one of the best ideas to start your entrepreneurship journey as a student. Hunt a good-selling product with low manufacturing cost from different wholesale marketing or e-commerce platforms like Alibaba and sell it at a higher price in other regions like America, Canada, Australia, etc. This entrepreneurship idea is well-being used in many countries. People are doing their business by implementing it without paying any kind of investment.

7. Delivery services

Delivery service is one of many entrepreneurship ideas that commonly hit a student’s mind. You can use it to earn money. First, you need to mark those businesses in your area that need delivery services and then approach them with your creative idea of delivering their products to customer’s homes at affordable prices. The good point is, that you can expand your delivery business at a rapid rate.

8. Language coaching business

If you have a good command of any language. You can use this to become an entrepreneur. Everyone needs to learn more than 1 language to communicate with others. People move around the globe for work, holidays and business. Every part of the world has its language and you can use this point to start your business. Use your language to earn money for you. Sell your skills on different selling platforms like Udemy, thickific, skillshare, teachable, and many more options.

9. Rating Business

You can make a website for people to decide where to go or where not to. Rating business is the need of time. In today’s world, businesses are running according to their reputation in the market. You can try different things, places, experiences, etc. to rate for others or you can make a platform where people can rate things that they experienced. Then you can help others to decide things and also make money by monetizing your website. For example, every hotel booking website has its rating for different hotels. You can use their model for other business.

10. Make a YouTube channel

In recent decades, people have known the potential of social media platforms. You can start vlogging your daily life or tell your life experiences in your videos with minimal editing effects.  You can also do different crazy experiments in your videos to get views. Once your single video reaches a massive audience then your life will change. You will get promotions, add revenues, staff from companies, etc., and can make a lot of money. The finest example of this is Mr. Beast and many more YouTubers who started their journey of entrepreneurship from YouTube. He started his channel and then experimented with it and the rest is history that he made.


Ideas for student entrepreneurship may vary from person to person. But the knowledge of business and willpower for doing it helps an entrepreneur to achieve his/her goal. The student entrepreneurship ideas discussed here are inspired and experienced by top entrepreneurs and these all ideas require low investment to start an entrepreneurship journey. You can make your life better by adopting one of these ideas and then submerge yourself to achieve success in that field. Take yourself on the journey of entrepreneurship and get experience of how big bulls are made.

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